Bonus antlerless deer quotas set for Indiana counties

The DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife has announced county bonus antlerless quotas for deer hunting in the 2016-17 season.

Quotas have changed for seven counties – five that are lower than last year and two that are higher.

The new quotas are lower in Daviess (2 to 1), Gibson (4 to 3), Ohio (8 to 4), Posey (3 to 2) and Tippecanoe (4 to 3). Porter County increased from 4 to 8, and Perry County from 3 to 4.

A map showing all 92 counties and their respective bonus quotas can be found at

Bonus antlerless quotas are the primary tool the DNR uses to manage deer populations on a county-by-county basis. It allows hunters to buy bonus licenses to take additional antlerless deer based on a county’s assigned quota. A hunter can harvest up to the county quota in each county.

Hunters must buy a separate bonus license for each deer they intend to harvest. Bonus antlerless licenses can be used in any season, except the Reduction Zone Season, using the equipment legal for that season. Deer bundle licenses can also be used to harvest antlerless deer but cannot be used when working toward bonus antlerless county quotas on DNR properties.

Counties with a quota of 4 or greater are eligible for the special antlerless season (Dec. 26 through Jan. 1).

Quotas are determined using a variety of factors including, hunter harvest trend data, damage reports, deer-vehicle collisions, landowner and hunter surveys, and recommendations from the DNR deer management biologist, district wildlife biologists, and Indiana Conservation Officers.

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