G&G Spinnerbait Company – The Little Things Make the Difference

img_2660I know it has been said before, but sometimes doing what everybody else isn’t doing can be the best kept secret when it comes to catching fish. A tight-lipped presentation of a tourney pro who wins a few fishing tournaments becomes all the rage as soon as that secret gets out. A new lure will hit the fishing scene and become the must have lure in everybody’s tackle box but then suddenly die back down as quickly as it appeared once the fishing world has had its time to adjust. These little patterns have existed since fishing was simply throwing a spear in the water and hoping for the best. However, one small company located in central Indiana has gone back to the basics of what makes a lure special and packaged it just right so that all these lures do is catch fish.

In an era of low-cost goods and out-sourcing to the lowest bidder, all G&G Spinnerbait Company spinnerbaits are custom made by hand to the specifications of each individual order. Another noticeable difference is that each lure is crafted with higher gauge wire than what is normally found on most spinnerbaits so they really hold up well. All of their baits are also composed of higher quality components where normally this is the place that a lot of other bigger companies go cheap to save on costs. The end result is a tank of spinnerbait that runs true every time and won’t fall apart after a couple decent bass put it to the test. Read more

Ice Out Small Pond Bass

Thank God spring is finally in the air. For most of the country, this has been a winter for the record books. Ice is going to be slowly disappearing from lakes and ponds all over the Midwest and some of the best fishing of the year is getting ready to start. Bass fishing especially picks up even before the ice is completely off of the water. There are a few tricks on smaller bodies of water for those early season bass. With a little luck, you just might catch your biggest fish of the year before the season really even gets started.

Slow Rolling a G&G Bait Company Original

Slow Rolling a G&G Bait Company Original

First off, when it comes to bass fishing these early season ponds, focusing on the north end will put you right where the fish will be. This area receives the most sunlight throughout the day so naturally this section will be the warmest. Since this side is the warmest, it will also have the most active early spring life such as insects, lizards, frogs, etc. Bass will be right there up against the shoreline in that warmer water too trying to put on weight while getting ready for spawn. Read more