A Panfish Technique You Need to Try

PanfishOver the winter I was reading through many of my older fishing magazines trying my best to beat cabin fever. As always, there were all sorts of articles on bass, panfish, muskies, catfish, and other species along with all the different way to catch these fish. I began to think to myself about fly-fishing and why I never really tried it before. This got me thinking even more; why would I need a fly rod to cast a fly? I know it sounds crazy, right? No ultra-light in the world is ultra-light enough to cast a fly, but what about casting a fly with a bobber.

I began looking on-line for clear plastic bobbers. I was searching for some sort of float that would be hard for the fish to see but also heavy enough that I could cast it with ease no matter what the size of the lure that was on the other end. This brought me to a “water bobber”. I found all different types of water bobbers for different presentations and situations. Now this was getting exciting. Read more