Summer Walleye Fishing Tips

Summer Walleye fishing tactics are essential if you want to catch these fish in the warmer weather.

It’s well known that it can be tougher to catch these glorious fish during this time of year, so care needs to be taken to try different tactics from what worked during the Springtime if your normal walleye techniques aren’t bringing in the quantity or size of fish you desire.

The first tip to fishing for Walleye n the summer has to do with where you will find the fish. When the weather warms up, the Walleye move into deeper water where the temperatures are cooler. This means you must go farther away from the shore to find the Walleye. Underwater structures are a big favorite of these fish during the summer, because these also help lower the water temperature as well as create a great place for bait fish to hang out. Where the bait fish go, the Walleye will follow, and this is true no matter what season or month it is. Read more