Family: Centrachidae

Common Family: The Sunfish Family

Common Name: Black Crappie

Scientific Name: Pomoxis nigromaculatus


Black crappie are pan-size fish which are silver and black. They have a large mouth and their spiny-rayed and soft-rayed dorsal fins are connected. Black crappie have 7 or 8 dorsal spines. White crappie have 6 dorsal spines.

Range and Habitat:

Black crappie are found throughout Indiana in our larger streams, rivers, and lakes. They like brushy habitat including standing timber, fallen trees, and brush piles.

Fishing Facts:

Their diet consists mainly of small fish, insects, and crustaceans. Anglers use small minnows and small lures fished in brushy areas.

Similar Species:

White crappie have 5-6 dorsal spines, rarely 7.