Family: Ictaluridae

Common Family: The Catfish Family

Common Name: Bullhead

Scientific Name: Ameiurus spp.


Bullheads are medium-sized catfish. They are dark in color and have a short and stocky body, which makes them a rather chunky fish. There head is more round than other catfish and the tail is square. Bullheads seldom exceed 10 inches in length.

Range and Habitat: 

Bullheads can be found in some of Indiana’s lakes, reservoirs, and streams as well as farm ponds. They feed primarily on bottom dwelling insects and crayfish.

Fishing Facts:

Fishing techniques are similar to those utilized for channel catfish. Their diet consists of plant and animal matter found on the bottom.

Similar Species: 

Channel catfish will have a deeply forked caudal fin. Flathead catfish have a terminal mouth with the lower jaw slightly longer.