Family: Sciaenidae

Common Family: The Drum Family

Common Name: Freshwater Drum

Scientific Name: Aplodinotus grunniens


Freshwater drum are commonly referred to as white perch or sheepshead in much of Indiana. They are silvery colored with white bellies. When drum are removed from the water they sometimes make a drumming sound that is made by moving muscles that are connected to the fish’s air bladder.

Range and Habitat: 

They are found in most medium-sized to large-sized rivers and streams.

Fishing Facts:

Freshwater drum can be taken with a variety of baits fished along the bottom. They will also hit small jigs, spoons or spinners. White is always a good color choice from drum anglers.

Similar Species: 

White base have a forked tail. The lower jaw in the mouth of blackbass is longer that the upper.