Family: Esccidae

Common Family: The Pike Family

Common Name: Muskellunge (Musky)

Scientific Name: Esox masquinongy


Muskellunge have dark vertically elongated markings on a light olive-green background. The cheeks and gill covers of muskellunge are only scaled on the upper half. Twelve to 20 sensory pores may be found on the underside of the lower jaws. Muskellunge may reach lengths greater than 50 inches.

Range and Habitat:

Their preferred habitat consists of submerged logs and rocks and around riffle areas of streams.

Fishing Facts:

Muskellunge mainly feed on other fish but may take frogs, mice and birds. Anglers generally use large crank baits, spinners, buzz baits or live fish to catch muskellunge.

Similar Species:

The chain pickerel and the northern pike have fully scaled cheeks. Tiger muskies cheeks are scaled on the upper two thirds.