Family: Salmonidae

Common Family: The Trout Family

Common Name: Rainbow Trout

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus mykiss


Easily distinguished from other Indiana trout because of the numerous small dark spots on the dorsal and caudal fin as well as most of the upper portions of the body. The rainbow trout often has a conspicuous reddish stripe running from the head down the side of the body to the caudal fin.

Range and Habitat:

This popular sport fish has been introduced to coldwater systems all over the world. In Indiana rainbow trout can be found in small to medium streams, most public lakes and reservoir tailwaters where they have been stocked.

Fishing Facts:

Rainbow trout, like all trout, are sight feeders. Colorful flashy baits will prove most effective in catching these fish. Rainbow trout prefer the faster moving portions of a stream. As water temperatures rise the use of spinners becomes more effective. The best rainbow trout fishing in Indiana occurs in the spring, in the frequently stocked waters of the state.

Similar Species: