Family: Percidae

Common Family: The Perch Family

Common Name: Sauger

Scientific Name: Stizostedion canadense


Sauger are darker in color than walleye and have dark saddle-like bands across the back. Sauger do not have a black blotch on the base of their dorsal fin, but instead have rows of small spots. Sauger also lack the white tip on the lower tail.

Range and Habitat:

Sauger can be found only in the state’s large rivers and streams. They prefer deep and fast-moving water.

Fishing Facts:

Sauger primary feed on fish. Angling techniques are similar to those used for walleye. The best sauger fishing in Indiana is below the navigation dams on our major rivers.

Similar Species:

Walleye have a large black blotch at the base of the spinous dorsal fin. See also the description for saugeye.