Family: Percidae

Common Family: The Perch Family

Common Name: Saugeye (Walleye x Sauger Hybrid)

Scientific Name: Stizostedion vitreum x S. canadense


Saugeye are similar to sauger in appearance. The best way to identify a fish that you feel may be either a walleye, sauger, or saugeye is to look at the fish’s spiny dorsal fin. Walleye will have a rather large black blotch on the fins rear quarter and no dark fin coloration elsewhere; sauger will have rows of small dark spots on this fin, and saugeye will have dark coloration throughout the webbing on this dorsal fin. This coloration in a saugeye will have no set pattern.

Fishing Facts:

Saugeye, like their parent species, walleye and sauger feed primarily on other fish. Fishing techniques are similar to those used for sauger and walleye. Use walleye fishing techniques when fishing in Reservoirs and sauger techniques while fishing on rivers.

Similar Species:

See descriptions for sauger and walleye.