Family: Centrachidae

Common Family: The Sunfish Family

Common Name: Smallmouth Bass

Scientific Name: Micropterus dolomieu


Smallmouth bass are bronze in color and sometimes have dark vertical bars. The upper jaw does not extend past the back of the eye when closed and the spiny dorsal fin is well connected to the soft dorsal fin.

Range and Habitat:

Smallmouth bass occur statewide and prefer fast moving streams. Smallmouth bass may be found near rocks and both upstream and downstream of riffle areas in streams.

Fishing Facts:

Smallmouth bass eat crayfish, fish, hellgrammites, and other insects. Fishing the bank with the greatest current generally produces better catches. Dark 1/8 oz. jigs, small surface lures, spinners, crawfish, crank baits, and natural baits are popular tackle for Indiana anglers. Smallmouth are vigorous fighters and can provide excellent action when hooked.

Similar Species:

A quick way to identify a smallmouth bass is from the vertical bars which the largemouth and spotted bass do not have.