Family: Centrachidae

Common Family: The Sunfish Family

Common Name: Spotted Bass

Scientific Name: Micropterus punctulatus


Spotted bass look similar to largemouth bass however, they have a smaller mouth and usually have a tooth patch on the tongue. The upper jaw, when closed, does not extend past the rear of the eye and the spiny dorsal fin is well connected to the soft dorsal fin.

Range and Habitat:

Spotted bass are found in all drainages of Indiana. They occur primarily in slow flowing, mid to large streams, rivers, and in some lakes.

Fishing Facts:

Fish, crayfish, and insects are the dominant prey types for this fish. Spotted bass may be caught using the same techniques utilized for largemouth bass.

Similar Species:

The upper jaw extends beyond the back of the eye in the largemouth bass. Smallmouth bass do not have a tooth patch on there tongue and have vertical bars on its sides.