Family: Percidae

Common Family: The Perch Family

Common Name: Walleye

Scientific Name: Stizostedion vitreum


Walleye are yellow-olive green in color with streaks and blotches of dark pigment. The underside of this fish is white. The spiny dorsal fin can be dusky or clear but usually has a black blotch at its base. They also have a white tip on the lower lobe of the tail.

Range and Habitat:

Walleye are native to Indiana and are found in large rivers and reservoirs.

Fishing Facts:

Adult walleye eat primarily fish and crayfish. Walleye are generally found on the bottom of a pool or near rocky structure. Walleye are most active at dawn and dusk and jigging with bright-colored baits is an effective fishing strategy.

Similar Species:

There are fewer soft dorsal rays on sauger and they also have oblique spots on the spinous dorsal fin. See also the description for saugeye.