Family: Acipenseridae

Common Family: The Sturgeon Family

Common Name: Lake Sturgeon

Scientific Name: Acipenser fluvescens


The lake sturgeon is one of the longest living of all North American fishes, often living over 100 years. It is yellowish brown to gray in color with small dark blotches. Four barbells extend from its mouth that is located at the bottom of its snout. Some Lake sturgeon may have a small metal tag with a number at the base of the dorsal fin. Please report if caught.

Range and Habitat: 

Lower Wabash and White rivers and Lake Michigan, possibly in other large lakes or rivers

Fishing Facts:

Lake sturgeon feed primarily on aquatic insects, crayfish, and mollusks.

Similar Species: 

The area in front of the caudal fin of the lake sturgeon is robust and not covered in bony plates. Also there is a small opening between the eye and the upper corner of the opercle.