Family: Centrachidae

Common Family: The Sunfish Family

Common Name: Longear Sunfish

Scientific Name: Lepomis megalotis


Longear sunfish are very colorful fish. The body has a dark background with some orange and yellow spots and a lot of vertical streaks of blue. They are similar to redbreast sunfish in having a small mouth and rounded pectoral fins. However, their ear flap is longer and has a whitish border.

Range and Habitat: 

Longear sunfish are warmwater fish that are most common in Indiana’s medium-size streams. However, they can be found in most of our warmwater streams and lakes.

Fishing Facts:

Longear sunfish feed on small insects and crustaceans. Fishing methods are similar to those used for other sunfish.

Similar Species: 

The ear flap of the redbreast sunfish is blue-black.