Advanced Duck Calling

As a guide, researcher, speaker and writer, I have always been interested in learning about the animals I hunt: how they react to the weather, which calls they use and why, and when and how they mate; so that I could use the information to become a better hunter. Even though I’d cut my eye […]

Duck Hunters

  Each fall as the cold descends upon the northern lands many species of waterfowl begin their migration south to warmer climates. Duck hunters also begin their yearly migration. They leave their everyday lives as farmers, laborers, clerks, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and the thousands of other jobs that occupy their lives for long hours. They […]

You Shot a Deer. Here’s How to Find It.

The buck you want is broadside, 20 yards away. You’re at full draw, trying to anchor and aim. I can count on Captain Hook’s left hand the number of things that excite me more than this moment. But nothing will turn that excitement into anxiety faster than releasing the arrow and not knowing exactly where […]

November Whitetail Hunting

Whitetail bucks may not care much about security in the summer, but, once they shed their velvet and begin rubbing and scraping, they become more security conscious. They move less during daylight hours, travel more at night, use secluded areas, and keep more to the security of woods and brush, where they can’t be easily […]

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

The sun shining on the frost covered golden rods in front of my tree stand caused the plants to sparkle like diamonds. A flock of geese was feeding in the cornfield directly ahead of me and I could hear their excited honking. A downy woodpecker tapped on the aspen tree above my head while seven […]

Choosing Stand Sites

An understanding of deer behavior and travel patterns can help you choose a hunting site. Because deer feed primarily during low light conditions they have two primary rest periods, late at night and during mid-day. Generally they leave their daytime bedding areas in heavy cover late in the afternoon and move toward night time food […]

Top 3 Ways Outdoorsmen Camp Differently Than Non-Outdoorsmen

By: Brad Smith Just this past week, I had the pleasure of camping out all weekend with my wife and a few good friends at a State Park located in Indiana. As it comes to no surprise to most people that know me, I’m a fairly experienced outdoorsman who has spent a lot of time […]

The Real Outdoorsman’s Brew

Far too often it is said that the real drink of the American Outdoorsman is beer, whiskey, rum, or some other alcoholic beverage. I will admit that on regular occasions those beverages are packed and consumed during the course of a week or maybe at some point throughout the trip but they are not normally […]