Mounds State Park will lend visitors GPS units, Adventure Backpacks

Visitors to Mounds State Park can borrow an Adventure Backpack and GPS unit as part of a new program designed to get people on the trail and exploring nature.

Adventure Backpacks are themed packs that include scavenger hunts, books, tools and more. Current pack themes include “Animal Adventures,” “Insect Investigations” and “Plant Explorers.” They are designed to entertain all ages.

GPS units are navigation tools used in the high-tech scavenger hunting sport of geocaching. A list of hidden geocaches and instructions on operating the units will be provided.

GPS units and Adventure Backpacks are available for day use at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis at the nature center. A driver’s license will be held as collateral for each item borrowed.

Mounds State Park ( is at 4306 Mounds Road, Anderson, 46017.