Conservation officers warn of tree stand injuries

Conservation officers investigated an incident Saturday that happened from what they say is one of the most common hunting accidents. Officers said Scott Smith, 54, of Huntington was taken to a hospital after he fell more than 15 feet from his deer stand.

Smith was installing his dear stand for the upcoming deer season on a property located in Huntington County at County Road 6751 North and County Road 1000 West.

Around 3 p.m. Smith was installing his deer stand in a tree when it collapsed from underneath.

Investigators believe the accident was caused by a strap that was not properly secured which was meant to hold the top of the tree stand in place. Officers said when the strap came undone, the tree stand folded down upon itself throwing Smith to the ground.

Smith was transported to a hospital in Fort Wayne and treated. Officers said he did not sustain serious injuries.

Indiana Conservation officers are reminding hunters using tree stands that the most common hunting accident in the nation results from falls from tree stands.

Officers said hunters should always wear a full body fall restraint harness system from the time their feet leave the ground to the time they touch back to the ground.