Pro-gun advocates boycotting ‘No Guns Allowed’ businesses

A group of Indiana gun owners who value their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for self-defense are actively boycotting businesses that display signs prohibiting concealed carry on the premises, local media reports.

To inform fellow gun owners which stores are pro-gun and which stores have a ‘No Guns Allowed’ policy, the organizers have started a Facebook page aptly titled “No Guns = No Money.”

“What we are hoping to see is that gun enthusiast will ban together and say look this is a location that doesn’t want our business, and we are going to oblige them and not give them our business,” Steve Ellis, Owner of Top Guns Gun Store in Terre Haute, told WTHITV.

“We vote with our money every single day, so what we are doing when we support that business is saying that we are ok with that rule,” Ellis continued.

Since it’s launch a week ago, No Guns = No money has amassed a sizable following on Facebook with over 3,400 ‘likes.’

“What we are doing is making a statement saying look if this is the stance you are going to take against the Second Amendment then don’t expect us to support the business,” said Ellis.

via Pro-gun advocates boycotting ‘No Guns Allowed’ businesses – GunsAmerica Blog.