Divers find ice fisherman’s body

Indiana Conservation Officer divers have located the body of a Jackson County man who fell through the ice Friday night while fishing at Medora’s Swan Lake.

The body of Cole C. Cummings, 39, of Medora, was found in more than 11 foot of water at about 11:25 p.m., according to a news release from Indiana Conservation Officer Jim Schreck.

Conservation officers first located the victim with a remote operated vehicle prior to the divers’ recovery.

According to the preliminary investigation, Cummings’ fishing partner saw him fall through the ice, and then attempted to help Cummings before falling through the ice himself. He was able to get out of the water, crawl to his vehicle and drive to Cummings’ girlfriend’s nearby residence where the 911 call was placed. That was at about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Shortly afterward, Cummings’ parents were summoned and quickly drove to the lake where they were unable to assist their son. Responding Jackson County officers and a Brownstown officer quickly arrived, donned life jackets and crossed the ice in an attempt to rescue Cummings with a throw bag.

A Jackson County officer then also fell through the ice, but was able to get out of the water and safely make it to shore. Cummings’ fishing partner was airlifted to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for treatment from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in Brownstown. He is expected to recover.

via Divers find ice fisherman’s body.