10 Great Fishing Tips for Catfish

Want to hook more good-eating, hard-fighting catfish? These 10 tips can help.

  1. Fish the morning shift. Catfishermen often disregard one of the best fishing times—dawn. On many waters, catfish activity peaks just as the sun rises. Be fishing at daybreak, and your catch rate may soar.
  2. Don’t cast a shadow. Catfish spook when a shadow crosses the water. Remember this when fishing. Keep the sun in your face or to your side, not at your back, to avoid casting a shadow on the water you’re fishing.

  3. Worms for trophy flatheads. Done this way, worms entice big flatheads almost as well as live-fish baits. Run an 8/0 Kahle hook through one end of a worm, then run it back through the worm’s collar, leaving the end of the worm hanging. Continue with additional worms. You want as many loose ends as possible and enough worms to create a tennis-ball-sized wad. Small fish—sunfish, suckers, etc.—will nibble the worms when they’re fished on the bottom. A big cat nearby will watch the little fish, and if nothing disturbs it, Ol’ Jumbo knows it’s safe to go out and eat. When you notice the nibbling stop, that means the small fish are fleeing as the big cat approaches. Prepare for a strike. Read more