Indiana troopers patrol in pickups

A state trooper was pulling over a steady stream of motorists Friday morning on I-65 near Southport Road.

They likely never saw him. Instead of driving a cruiser, Trooper Andrew Forgey was sitting behind the wheel of a white pickup truck in a construction zone.

“You’re 14 miles over the limit,” Forgey told the driver of a Toyota Camry.

He walked back to the pickup truck, its red-and-blue lights flashing, with her license and registration in hand and wrote her a ticket.

The Camry was at least the fourth car Forgey had stopped near a construction zone by 11:30 a.m. The car was going 69 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone.

INDOT is partnering with state and local law enforcement officers to monitor highway traffic using marked cruisers, unmarked cruisers and other cars. The white pickup truck is one of about 10 purchased by the Indiana Department of Transportation for troopers’ use during special patrols in and around construction zones through the Labor Day weekend.

The pickup truck program was launched in 2011 to help INDOT and ISP deter unsafe driving through work zones, said INDOT spokesman Nathan Riggs. The trucks, which cost about $28,000 each, were purchased using federal safety funds.

With their narrow lanes, signs, barrels and cones, roadway work zones can be dangerous for motorists and highway construction workers. While sitting in the white pickup truck, Forgey says he sees people speeding, tailgating and involved in other moving violations that could cause accidents.

via Slow down in work zones: Indiana troopers patrol in pickups.