Indiana DNR, Hamilton County parks to host coyote seminar

For past year in Hamilton County, Wile E. Coyote isn’t only chasing the Road Runner, the coyote has been infiltrating neighborhoods becoming an urban menace.

But in our humane world we can’t drop giant anvils on them to eradicate the problem like in the Looney Tunes cartoons.

From 6 to 8 p.m. Dec. 3, the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources’ Division of Fish and Wildlife and Hamilton County Parks are hosting an informational program regarding coyote biology and options for dealing with urban coyotes. This will be held at the Cool Creek Nature Center, 2000 E. 151st St., Westfield.

Presenters will be Shawn Rossler, DNR furbearer biologist; Nate Yazel, DNR district wildlife biologist for Hamilton County; and Tim Julien, a licensed nuisance animal control operator.

After last year’s harsh winter, much of the coyote’s habitat was disturbed, causing more encroachment in neighborhoods and backyards and threatening small pets. As a result, the DNR and the Hamilton County Parks are providing the free informational program.

Coyotes are a native species once limited to the prairie regions of western Indiana. As forests were cleared for agriculture, coyotes expanded eastward and are now common in all Indiana counties, including urban and suburban areas.

“Places like Fishers and Carmel are growing communities with a lot of green space that gives cover for rabbits and other animals,” said Warren Gartner, DNR conservation education supervisor. “That provides habitat for coyotes as well.”

Urban coyote conflicts are focused on attacks on pets, concern for safety and fear of the unknown.

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Coyote Time

I think by now deer season is just about all but over throughout most of the United States. There are still a few southern states out there hanging on waiting for that last chance at a late season buck, so for some there is still time. However for the rest of us, outdoorsmen across the country just entered the winter doldrums. There is always ice fishing. That can be fun at times and I have really enjoyed my time on the ice when I get the chance to be out there. However, there is something else this time of year that helps fill the void between the end of deer season and waiting for those first sounds of a gobbler in the spring. Luckily for us, there are endless opportunities to get back out in the woods and try our hand at tracking down a coyote.

Looking for Coyotes

Looking for Coyotes

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