Hunting the Hunters

deerhidesCome deer season in my neck of the woods it seems almost every patch of land has a hunter eagerly waiting for his or her chance at a buck of a lifetime. Opening morning sounds like a gun fire bonanza as soon as light breaks the horizon. This gunfire doesn’t typically stop until hunters leave their stands about 10:30am only to return to the action a few hours later for the evening hunt. Large fields and patchy woods allow for mile long views of open fields as deer are easily visible running from woods to woods as hunters make their entries and exits. Deer are the smartest-dumbest animals that exist in North America, in my opinion, and they figure this pattern out pretty quickly. If you hunt this pattern as well when deer season is in full swing, you will shift your chances back in your favor dramatically.

One of the most effective deer hunters that I know sleeps in on opening morning. All during bow season, he is out in his stand hours before sun up and he won’t come back in until well after the sun has gone down. However when shotgun season comes in, he stays right in bed when the masses get up and head to the woods. Instead, he makes a nice breakfast, drinks some coffee, watches a little TV, then heads to the woods about 10:00am. He does this because that is about an hour before most weekend hunters leave their stands to get lunch or take a break from the cold. He then hunts right up until about 3:30pm. coincidentally, this is the time that most of those same hunters are back in their stands and set up ready for the evening. This same hunter is also the guy that shows off pictures of the biggest bucks that most weekend hunters never get the chance to see. Read more