Conservation Officers provide safety tips following recent tree stand fall

A recent tree stand accident in Parke County has Indiana Conservation Officers warning the public of the dangers of using such equipment without proper safety restraints.

Conservation Officers report that a Bellmore man was injured on the morning of Aug. 27 when he was attempting to install a tree stand in preparation for the upcoming deer season. He fell around 20 feet from the stand.

Conservation Officers report the injured, Bob Wilson, 55, was not wearing a safety harness and did not have a cell phone to call for help. With the help of his family, authorities were able to find Wilson the next day. He was treated for his injuries at an Indianapolis hospital.

Conservation Officers say the number one cause of hunting-related injuries and deaths are falls from elevated hunting platforms. Officers encourage the public to use a safety harness while climbing into or hunting out of an elevated platform.

They say it is also very important to let someone know where you are at all times and what time to expect you home, which will allow your family to know where to begin to look for you in the event that something were to happen. It is also recommended that you have a cell phone or some sort of signaling device, such as a whistle while climbing into an elevated stand.

Conservation Officers strongly encourage hunters to always hang tree stands with a companion.

They also encourage the public, young or old, to attend an Indiana Hunter Education Program, to learn the ins and outs of hunting and how to stay safe while in the outdoors. You can find information on these free programs at

via Brazil Times: Local News: Conservation Officers provide safety tips following recent tree stand fall (08/30/14).