What Line Should You Use Anyway?

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIn today’s fishing industry there are three main types of line that fisherman pick at the beginning of every fishing season. Usually there is a forgone conclusion that this lucky line, which is spooled on their favorite reels from the first cast of spring until the last casts of early winter, is the only line they will need. Line advertising, outdoor television shows, and fishing pro’s all seem to have their preferences as to what they use, but is what you are using really the best option for the type of fishing you do? This critical decision really does matter and can be the difference between the fish of lifetime or a memory that will haunt you forever.

As fisherman, we put so much emphasis on the rods, lures, reels, water conditions, time of the year, weather, to even which lucky hat to wear on a given day that we often disregard one of the most fundamental aspects of catching a fish. With so many variables that have to come together at just the right moment to create a successful day on the water, some things just shouldn’t go overlooked because of thought process of its always worked for me. With this in mind, choosing the right line for the job will not only increase your hook up potential but also allow for better casts, better presentations, and better hook sets. Read more