Patoka Lake Fishing Report

Date updated 8/26/2014 
Fishing Report

Pool elevation is at 536.6. Surface water temperature is at 77.3. Discharge rate is at 293 CFS. Those wishing to report specifics about their fishing experience and help keep Fishing Reports current may do so by calling the Patoka Lake Office at (812) 685-2464. Largemouth Bass: Activity: Good,  Depth: 3′-17′ Striped Bass: Activity: Slow, Depth: 2′-18′ Crappie: Activity: Slow, Depth: 4′-10′ Bluegill: Activity: Slow, Depth: 2′-15′ Channel Catfish: Activity: Good, Depth: 1′-15′ Walleye: Activity: Good, Depth: 1′-20′